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Looking for pet food, pet toys, pet supplies...
then check out Pet Nutrition Center in Carlsbad.
Our prices and selection of pet products matches
the big box stores, without the hassle. Our expert
staff knows all the answers to your pet questions.
We'll recommend the right dog food for itchy dogs
and healthy treats for your new kitten or supplements
for arthritic older pets. We have toys for any pet.
Bored Birds? We know which toys keep your parrots
stimulated. If you are worried about your pets diet
and health, Pet Nutrition Center also has a vast
selection of natural, raw and organic pet food.

• Ultimate convenience - park, shop and go
• Our staff will match the right product for your pet
• Huge selection of products for all kinds of pets
• Great prices and specials
• Raw, organic and natural pet products
• Top quality brands


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